Steve Jobs, Sports, Success.

“Remembering that you are going to die one day is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. Follow your heart.”

Reminding himself everyday it is all going to be over, he’ll lose everything, is the way Steve Jobs got in the mindset that there is nothing to lose.

So, what does sports have to do with this?

This is one among many examples of the power of sports to teach essential life skills.

In a game, when an individual or a team has nothing to lose, they are often playing their best. Reason? The absence of fear. This attitude is pretty clear when a team or individual is trailing. However, great teams or individuals don’t need a ‘backs to walls’ scenario to bring the trait out. They master fear better and showcase supreme confidence in their ability.

In short, a key ingredient to greatness in sport is having faith and confidence in one’s ability as well as an absence of fear to unleash that ability. In life, just like in sport, absence of ‘fear of loss’ will give you the ability to unlock your true potential. Jobs followed this doctrine to achieve great things.

Sports has the ability to take you through experiences and teach you subconsciously and consciously such essential doctrines. It is the laboratory of life, where you can experiment (play), reflect, and learn. Like meditation, sports can help one unlock their true potential. Very few pedagogy tools can have such an impact.

In fact, sports is one step ahead of other education tools given that it takes one through enlightening experiences in a manner that is entertaining. It connects with young minds instantly.

At a time when 63% of Indian graduates are unemployable as per the latest TOI report, the need for education that truly empowers our children has never been more visible.

Let’s help our children unlock their true potential. Let’s get them to playground.


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