Active Wings exists to improve the quality of life of people.

Our first assignment in this quest is to ensure education that truly empowers our children.

Schools offer excellent scholastic education. We help schools deliver the same quality in co-scholastic area that pose a major challenge due to limitation in resources and infrastructure. We partner with schools to ensure holistic education of every child by leveraging the power of sports as a tool for experiential learning. Through India’s first in-school Sports and PE experiential learning programme, we inculcate life skills, social skills, and physical education in every child.

We draw inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi, Ayrton Senna, Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, Nikola Tesla and Steve Jobs.

Through this blog, we will bring to your knowledge the power of sports and how together we can leverage it to make our children winners in life – empowered with life skills, social skills and the ability to be fit for life.

For more on our programme and how we can together help our children, visit http://www.activewings.com or contact us through the form below 


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